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Snow miku 2017 aj fan art event
  the new toon adventures event 
now apart of fanJammers-con
 we will host a fan art contest whoever wins
 get to be admin of toon adventures
 and be on our videos for a limited time 
as a guest
President's note


hey everyone keep in mind that the Toon adventures website is not fully developed at the moment if the website looks dull and boring that's why there's still more stuff coming out soon and we still need a software to make our website better and bigger on we could use flash player too cause thousands of things will come to the offical toon adventures this is only beta some people don't understand the contributors told some of the admins we didn't need all need all these role play sites they never knew the last one got removed so now we only allow Donators and patreon supports no more contributors

Troop series votes

What should heroes of cleopatro/ guntai (series) start out as?

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